Babies under one year of age need everyday excitement for playing with their toys. These toys should surprise them every day to create excitement in them. At this age, babies don’t know much about the world and the toys we buy should excite them by doing things that these babies don’t see around them in their daily life.

The Infants are likely to enjoy toys that respond to his actions more than those that play for him.

Getting the right toy for your kid will save you the constant trips to the market in search of one from time to time. Toys can be a very useful and thoughtful gift for the child. You also don’t want to see your money getting wasted on toys that your kid stops using after a few days since they don’t amuse them anymore. Selecting the best one can be quite challenging if you do not know what to look out for in such a toy.

Here were my criteria in making this list:

1. The toy must serve a minimum of two different purposes. Toys are expensive and that we want to urge the foremost bang for our buck, right?
2. The toy must be relevant for a minimum of 3 months of the baby’s life. Babies undergo phases in what catches their attention, so we would like toys which will outlive those fleeting interests.
3. The list as an entire must cover all major developmental skills babies are expected to accumulate within the first year of life. As a bonus, the list should also include some toys which will be used even after their first birthday. How’s that for money-saving.

Best Indian toys for children under 1 year age or Infants

1. Toyshine Dancing Dog with Music Flashing Lights


  • The funny dog toy can dance, play music, and have many spinning colors with flashing lights.
  • From the dog’s eyes to its ball and body, it’s highly visually stimulating to point out your baby a bunch of colours and lights – your Infant will study colors and celebrate . The baby are going to be very happy by twiddling with this cute puppy.
  • This cute puppy toy can move with its universal wheel and alter direction if it meets a barrier. Dancing, singing, barking, and turning around with the animated song freely.
  • The cute dog features a vibrant and brilliant lightning effect. The toy features a height of about 6 inches.
Good quality.
Loud Sound.
Low-cost toy for gifting option.
Only one song.
Colorful lights.Breaks easily when it falls.
Pros and Cons of Dancing Dog Toy

2.wirescorts battery-operated crawling baby toy with music and light for kids- Multi color


  • This cute toy crawls and encourages your child to follow, promoting interaction and developing motor skills. This funny crawling baby with sound and music crawls along with your baby is fun to watch.
  • The toy encourages ability training, interest development, emotion, hearing, grasping, sensory, vision, and other abilities.
  • It’s made up of high-quality ABS plastic that’s completely safe for your child. The toy is made from non-toxic material so that your baby can play with this toy for a long time.
  • The crawling baby toy produces a melodious sound and beautiful lighting through the cap and milk bottle. It has beautiful and bright lights which attract babies. The feeding bottle glows as the baby sings.
good sound
Runs with 3 batteries.
Good quality.
Only one song.
looks like same as baby crawling.Breaks easily when it falls.
Pros and Cons of Crawling baby toy

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